A History of Violence Full Movie Download in 720p HD

A History of Violence Full Movie Download — The 2005 movie A History of Violence is an action thriller helmed by David Cronenberg & penned by Josh Olson. The film is an adaptation of the 1997 graphic novel having the same name by John Wagner & Vince Locke.

A History of Violence Full Movie Download

The film casts Viggo Mortensen, William Hurt, Maria Bello & Ed Harris. In the movie, when a pair of petty criminals attempt to rob his small-town diner, Tom Stall quickly & easily kills them both. In the flush of news coverage of Tom’s seemingly heroic actions, a threatening stranger called Carl Fogarty comes to town, fingering the unassuming family man as long missing Philadelphia mobster Joey Cusack. To the horror of his wife, Edie and teenage son, Jack, Tom Stall finds he must confront his violent past.

The Plot

Tom Stall is the owner of a diner who lives in a small town Indiana w/ his wife Edie & his children Jack & Sarah. One night 2 spree killers enter his restaurant, threaten those inside & also sexually assaults one of his employees. Tom deftly kills them & is hailed a hero while the incident becomes a national news. How things turn difficult for Tom is something you’d witness in the film when he confronts his violent past.

Cast Of The Film

  • Maria Bello as Edie Stall
  • Viggo Mortensen as Joey Cusack / Tom Stall
  • Ed Harris as Carl Fogarty
  • Ashton Holmes as Jack Stall
  • William Hurt as Richie Cusack
  • Stephen McHattie as Leland Jones
  • Peter MacNeill as Sheriff Sam Carney
  • Greg Bryk as Billy Orser
  • Sumela Kay as Judy
  • Kyle Schmid as Bobby
  • Deborah Drakeford as Charlotte
  • Gerry Quigley as Mick
  • Aidan Devine as Charlie Roarke
  • Heidi Hayes as Sarah Stall
  • Bill McDonald as Frank Mulligan
  • Ian Matthews as Ruben
  • Morgan Kelly as Bobby’s Buddy
  • Michelle McCree as Jenny Wyeth
  • R. D. Reid as Pat

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