The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 Download Filmyhit in HD Free

The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 Download Filmyhit — Hanuman (played by Damandeep Singh Baggan) has to face various difficulties while reaching Lanka, but when he finally makes it there, what he sees on the ‘land of demons’ is completely something he had never expected, and so is the war he has to fight ahead.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 Download Filmyhit

He has to battle hard with Ravan (played by Sharad Kelkar) in order to find & rescue Sita (played by Surbhi Pandey) & reunite her with Ram (played by Sanket Mhatre). For this, he also puts Lanka on fire and finishes his task & then finally proceeds to reunite w/ his king & his lord Rama.


Season 2 E1

Leap of Faith

Season 2 E2

Simhika Rises

Season 2 E3


Season 2 E4

Ashok Vana

Season 2 E5

Sita’s Strength

Season 2 E6

Message Received

Season 2 E7

Son of the Demon

Season 2 E8

Prison of Illusions

Season 2 E9


Season 2 E10

Dance of Fire

Season 2 E11


Season 2 E12

Ocean Apart

Season 2 E13

War Begins

Leap Of Faith

We see Hanuman encountering an unexpected challenge on his leap to Lanka as his strength is tested by Surasa .

Simhika Rises

Indrajit is seen unleashing the ravenous Simhika. Hanuman has to come to terms w/ his newfound powers.


Hanuman is finally able to make it to Lanka, but what awaits him in the land of demons is something completely unexpected.

Ashok Vana

Hanuman is seen desperately in search for Devi Sita. Ravan determines there’s only one way to end his obsession.

Sita’s Strength

Sita stands defiant against Ravan & his demons. When Mandodari learns a sad truth, the Demon King starts to strike a bargain.

Message Received

Hanuman delivers the message of Ram to Sita & prepares to send another message to Ravan. Meanwhile, King Suketu visits Ram.

Son Of The Demon

Hanuman then faces Ravan’s elite Kinkara warriors and Prince Akshaykumar struggles to make his father proud.

Prison Of Illusions

Ravan & Mandodari deal w/ the death of their son. Indrajit is up for vengeance & glory. Hanuman faces the darkest fears.


Hanuman is then brought in chains before Ravan as the Demon King reveals a troubling secret about immortality.

Dance Of Fire

Hanuman plans his escape to ensure Devi Sita’s message reaches Lord Ram. Ravan prepares a fiery punishment for his son’s death.


After the destruction of Lanka, Vibheeshan confronts Ravan & his obsession w/ Sita. Hanuman returns to his kingdom where Ram & King Sugreev were waiting restlessly.

Hanuman is reunited w/ the Vaanaras & Shri Ram. As they march to wage war on Lanka, an endless ocean creates a new challenge.

War Begins

Shri Ram is then able to unleash his deadliest power against the ocean. Ravan is seen rallying his armies to prepare for the war. Hanuman raises his flag.


Hanuman has realized his limitless powers, and now he must journey alone to Lanka to face the might of the demon king Ravan, his fierce sons and armies.


The Legend of Hanuman Season 2 Filmyhit Download Here

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